Operating as a Lebanese bakery and Middle Eastern grocer selling a variety of bread (khobz), pita, pies, Lebanese pizza and Mediterranean grocery items A1 experienced huge success in its first week. It seemed to fill a gap that existed in the market, offering authentic Lebanese cuisine of the kind that wasnt previously available in Melbourne while also offering customers a warm, friendly space in which to gather.

Since opening, the demand and appreciation for A1s authentic Lebanese food has grown considerably due to their firm commitment to exceptionally high standards. By 1997, the demand had grown so much that A1 Bakery was able to open their own manufacturing plant, from where they continue to deliver their authentic Lebanese breads all over Melbourne.

In 2002, A1 took the next step in their expansion, opening a large store in Dandenong that was run on the same family values as their Brunswick store. Combining an expanded range of quality products with the same friendly service, A1s Dandenong bakery was a great success, going on to win the 2003 award for Best Shop in Dandenong.

Since 2004, A1 Lebanese Bakery has been franchising its brand name and style of operation, closely managing each new franchise to the same high standards. When a new store opens, extensive training is provided by the head management of A1 Bakery to ensure the same taste and management style remains consistent across the brand.

With 3 bakeries currently in operation throughout Melbourne, the future is looking bright for the brand. Despite its growth, A1 Bakery retains its passionate commitment to authenticity, quality and customer satisfaction, while its ongoing success allows it to continue expanding its range and reach.